Did she ghost me? or think I wasn't into her or what I'm confused?

had talked to this girl i meet previously who had worked at this restaurant/bar i go to, she doesn't work there anymore but still hangs out there. when i first saw her after a long absense she came on really strong and wanted me to hang out with her , but i was busy that night , then i saw her again and though our conversation went well. then i saw her again ( last time i saw her maybe 3 weeks ago ) and she like said hi but acted weird and was dressed like she was going out to bar later but never showed up to bar we normally go to. i haven't even seen her since that night but have seen some of her gf's since as they still work there.
i'm confused did she like ghost me? and just disappear? did she meet someone else as she was at that bar a lot and likely talking to other dudes? did she think i liked someone else as i had talked to some other girls there? i'm confused as she seemed to really like me , and although i'm not ready to commit to idea of being in a relationship with her i did find her interesting to hang out with and enjoyed talking to her.


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  • so did u see her again recently? wot bout da other gal u were mentionin who was a friend of hers?

    • no I haven't seen her in about 2 maybe 3 weeks , last time I saw her was at that bar , have seen some of the gf's more recently as they still work there or were at bar I go to some nights , I never asked them about her

    • personally if i was u i'd rather wait instead of tryin 2 find em...

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