Am I wrong for questioning my future with my boyfriend over his money problems?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. I love him so much, he treats me great and we get along very well together. The problem is this: My boyfriend lives with and financially supports his mother who has been out of a job for the last couple of years. His family has never had much money. He works part time and doesn't make much money, and certainly not enough to support 2 people. He is often very frustrated with the situation. I care deeply for him and wish I could help him out. I come from a well off family and do quite a bit of travelling and my boyfriend is at times resentful of me for having these opportunities that he does not. We often can't do activities because my boyfriend has no extra money left. I am very frustrated that I cannot help or change his situation as I know he deserves better and have suggested he set boundaries with his mom about the money which has created a lot of tension between us. I think to the future of us and am worried that if he continues to be in this situation it will begin to affect me if we ever decide to move in together, or want to travel or start a family. I am not sure if this issue will be a deal breaker. Am I wrong to question our relationship over this? What would you do in this situation? Any thoughts please


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  • Yes you are wrong but you wouldn't understand because you come from a well off family just learn to look beyond his social class or leave a man doesn't need a woman that care more about his money than he does.

  • i don't see y should it b... not every1 can b a millionaire. he cannot cut off his mom it seems... but since u say yer family's ok bout money... couldn't u help him as well, since he's helpin his mom money-wise?


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