Girls? im getting so confused, does this mean anything? Its really bugging me please give your opinion?

I met a girl on tinder I, got her number, weve been texting. Oten she takes a while to reply, when I can see she's been active on tinder so obviously not busy. I've been long a few times, only because im busy though! But I usually reply faster than she does. She doesn't ask very many questions other than sometimes, it seems like its all left to me for making conversation and asking her things. She does seem to always reply though, with not blunt answers just never seems to ask me things. Surely if she wasn't interested she just wouldn't reply, I mean we only met on tinder its not like she could feel bad about not replying. So why does she never seem interested in asking me things other than somtimes, like if the conversations coming to a close. Do girls feel like it should be the guy making all the conversation and asking all the questions or something?


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  • I think the guy should make the conversation in the beginning but it kinda seems like she's not that interested. Maybe I'm wrong since she gave you her number but it doesn't seem like you're her first priority

  • No it should be mutual


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