I'm loosing hope and numbers keep going up... ?

So here we go again, freaking another year of sadnes, loneliness, misery and being single, today I'm 22 and numbers keep going up and up and nothing have changed. The only girl who I dated was roughly 2 years ago, she was much younger than me, she made the first moves and it only lasted for 2 weeks and it was pretty good feeling being in love/lust (?) with someone who you care about. It was so awesome.

I'm just feel dissapointed in myself and even tho that I gain a bit of more self esteem from wearing a cool clothes which I liked and never wear them before, the effort might have went down again. I just beat myself up everyday that I stutter or put the words other way around if I speak to any cool woman, that I can't even ask a girl out because the way I am basically damn shy towards girls and in general very very introverted as I don't go clubbing or pubying as it isn't part of me who I am, that I'm a nice person and gentlemen, I have the confidence in general about the topics I like but not so much when I'm dealing with women. Again years goes by nothing happens, everyday is a freaking bad misery for me which I need to deal with somehow. That's how my life goes...

P. S Sorry if I bored you and it's sounds like a bad runt but I'm even fucking pissed at my birthday as I'm still single and just can't live like this anymore as being lonely a lot and it feels like having an emptiness in my heart.


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  • Try curvier girls they are easier! I used this strategy to loose my virginity at the time. I was also feeling miserable just like you.
    You give them chocolate, tell her she's pretty and YOU LOVE HER BODY (sometimes you gotta lie a bit ) and that will keep her hungry for you all the time! :) so I got this girl, she was my ldr girlfriend, now we are friends with benefits .

    • In a nutshell you gotta compliment on whatever she's working hard on.

      If she's fat-> tries to loose weight -> tell her body is good

      He's bad at math->practices a lot->tell her she improved

      She wears braces -> tell her that her that you're happy that she'll have healthy teeth you find braces cute.

    • I don't think your approach is right? Tho, besides I'm not looking for a "F*ck Buddies" or "Friends With Benefits" thing. I dunno if you read my question but I'm not very good with women in general...

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  • Yeah try online dating dude; it may do you wonder

    • Tried it, nothing good comes out of it :/
      The internet thing doesn't work for me usually either I run out of things to speak about, they don't replay or they all live far away, so basically the conversation ends up after like 5 minutes, if it goes well after 10, not much of a difference to me.

  • Happy birthday!!

    Do you have a wish?


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