Girl never clued in that I had a thing for her friend and now she's hurt after finding out I do?

i meet them both around same time last year at a bar , and talked to them on the patio several times and developed somewhat of a connection with them. i think the one girl liked me at the time and i liked her but i always had this thing for her girlfriend , it was just her body was amazing and she seemed to have it all but she had a boyfriend at the time so i never really did anything about it and tried to stay in contact with other girl like i added her online but things didn't go anywhere. so basically last summer we meet but nothing happened

fast forward to this summer at same bar i run into this group of girls again and talk to them , still really into the second girl and see her there and try and make contact with her at bar , but nothing really happens. but i do think other girl realised that night i liked her friend , she didn't seem to have noticed that before for some reason , i though it was pretty obvivous i wanted the other girl but she didn't seem to pick up on it.
then i see them again at a country bar , the second girl rode the mechanical bull a couple of times and i couldn't help but check her out as it was really hot. the other girl noticed and got all upset and went and danced and made out with some guy , she seemed to be really bothered by fact i liked her friend more and i think she is hurt by this and to complicate things more second girl may now be single ( i haven't confirmed this but suspect she is )

anyways i 'm not sure how to go about dating either after this? i'd really like to date the second girl if she is available but suspect her gf's will make things difficult for me to do so and first girl will be hurt that i didn't date her , i'm not sure where to take this?


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  • Sounds like she was a shy girl who was interested and is now jealous.

    She might try to sabotage you. But honestly, if the other girl likes you it won't really affect her. Girls know the games other girls play. Your best bet is to pursue the girl you do want as soon as possible though, this is a time sensitive matter now.

    • why do you feel its so time sensitive ( as I first meet them last year so its not a new thing at this stage ) ? I do agree she might of been a shy girl type , out of her group of girlfriends she seemed to be the least wild and one who dressed less provocatively , she was the only one of that group who didn't have her belly button pierced , her gf's all seemed to be a bit more out there and open about their sexuality. also not sure where I'd see them other than random bar run in? and if both of them are at bar it might go south quick

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  • Well at least your sure that one of them likes you

    • which one do you think likes me? the one who rude the bull and enjoyed all the attention she got from me when she was doing so?
      or the jealous one who seemed upset at me for that?

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