How many days in advance to ask a girl to hang out?

So im supposed to hang out with a girl this week and i wanna date her eventually. How many days in advance should before i ask her to hang out? and how do i eventually ask her out when hanging out or something?


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  • Four or less. Also, consider asking her out to somewhere if she for some reason says no, you can still go and enjoy the event with some other friends. You do not want to be in a situation where your fun for that day depends on her going on the date.

    • So lets say she's busy the next 2 days. Maybe call her on saturday/sunday or even text and ask what days she's free this week?

    • Yeah that works, and calling is infinitely better because it shows you have more confidence.

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  • 4 or less really

    • So she's gonna be busy the next 2 days, should i just call/text maybe Saturday or Sunday and be like do you know what day you would be free to hang out this week?

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    • Oh okay. Thanks. Now lets say after hanging out with her that day and she seems to like me how could i ask her out maybe after hanging out with her? Like lets say I'm taking her home and were in the car would that be okay if i ask if she would go on a date with me?

    • Yeah.. Be like "do you want to do this again sometime? But maybe go out for a meal or something?"

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