Why is the lighter parent most of the times the mother and the guy is the one with darker features?

That combination seems to be more common than vice-versa.
My many times does the other way around happens, a white man actually gets into a relationship or marries a woman with darker features (ex: white, lighter haired guy with indian girl with black hair and darker skin).
Now I have seen the opposite a couple times happening but not as much as white woman + man with darker skin, hair and eyes.


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  • Men value lighter skin in women as you can see men all over the globe trying to get the lightest women they can get.

    • As a Latina with olive skin and dark brown hair/eyes, I agree there is a lot of truth in that. Even then, my mother always imagined I were with a white, European guy. I don't mind dating outside my race but depends on what that guy likes. Though it would be cool... that would actually be like a compliment if a guy like that chose me.

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    • yes, she imagines having lighter grandchildren. She had said a couple times in distant occasions that my children will then look like him. Never given a thought but I'm guessing that combination would come out a child with brown eyes, lighter (since my mom's lighter than me) skin and strawberry blonde hair (mom's hair is red).

    • @Vesuvius87 Well I can understand the concern about having darker children because sadly in all societies around the world darker skin is looked down upon :( However just chasing after European men/women in hopes of having lighter children is just shameful to me. I hope one day we can judge people off of their personality and not their skin color.

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  • Lighter skin is more valued in women and I believe there is some truth to that. I also come from a lighter skinned mother with Spanish mixture/red haired and a father with darker features/black haired.


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  • because most darker skinned males are more endowed then lighter skinned males and most women go for the well hung men.

  • Common in other cultures too

    Lighter skinned women seem to like darker skinned men...


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