I'm ugly should I give up on women for ever?

Well I'm ugly like a 1 - 10 ugly and wayyy to skinny. Let's be real confidence is cool and all but it doesn't attract girls it's only things people rgurgitate becaiuse they read it on google. I don't tend to like the typical hot girl I tend to like unconventionally cute girls. I've never had a girlfriend that hasn't been me being the rebound or ever had a girlfriend for more than liek a month so it doesn't really count. I'm of course not a douner when I talk to people in Real life. I tend to hide my depression and inferioity very well. Hell some people even tell me I'm "confident" because I smile and hide it very well.

It's very discouraging and I feel very , very inferior to good looking guys. I do work out and eat a good diet and I'm gaining a bit of weight every month since this takes years on end if you don't wanna gaina lot of boedy fat. But there's nothing i can do about my face. :/ I really don't know how to feel better. And yes looks do matter, please stop spreading those lies online, seirously, it doesn't help AT ALL. yeah on google you might read"ugly guy dates girl out of her league" but thats very rare. I know women are NOT gold diggers otr anything like that so I'm not gonna be like "bitche slike rich dudes yada yada " and be a hater to women but bleh guess I'm just venting -.-


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  • You will find an amazing girl attracted to your personality! Personally I could less about what a guy looks like as long as they treat me right


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  • I've seen uglier. You know what your problem is? You overthink this stuff. Just stop. Do you, move forward with your life. You're not the only guy out there suffering this ordeal.

    I used to be the same. Now that I genuinely don't care it seems the ladies want to start coming around. That's life.

    • that makes no sense and also doesn't make me feel any better

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    • hard to get over it when its a issue in your face all the time and its not in my head its a reality

    • Telling someone to "get over it" just makes you look like an unsympathetic ass, and telling them they're "overthinking" isn't helpful. I don't see overthinking here, just frustration.

      There is a solution: focus on other interesting things. Work on your career. Make yourself incredibly rich, and BOOM! The women will flock around you. Even if you can sustain a decent standard of living for a family, your luck with women will improve. Remember, it's not the size of your dick that matters, but the size of your wallet. Confidence means that you can fool people into giving you money.

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  • I tipped the scales at nearly 400 pounds once. I now weight what I did in high school, about 175. It's ok to vent, man, we all need to do that sometimes. Life sucks. I'm tired of running the human race, too. But you just have to keep your chin up and roll with it. Diet is so important. Focus on protein. It'll fill you up. Go for the good carbs and veggies. Yeah, we hate that kind of thing, but it's the best for you. You've got this. You can do it!

    • Well I don't really mind the healthy eating since I do it just fine, doesn't feel like a chore or the working out sinc ei love it but the slow as hell results are what bothers me

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    • well I'm skinny and I dont need a surgery that case was just extreme I would never mess with my face tho

    • I wouldn't do that, either. Take me or leave me. At some point, you just accept it. I know I'm not on the cover of People. I never will be. I'm ok with who I am. I've accepted me for me. I don't like all of me, but I can't change that part. I can't be Tom Cruise. I've accepted who I am. But it doesn't mean I'll settle for less than what I deserve. I'll fight tooth and nail for that.

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