How to hook up at a party?

What do you do step by step to get with a girl at a party?


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  • Will there be intoxicating substances?

    • yes there will be

    • Just alcohol or? NM you don't have to answer tht. Find someone who looks like she's already getting a little intoxicated on whatever and start off by sending a few flirty smiles in her direction. If she responds by returning the smile and blushing/ giggling take it as an ok to go further. Wait a little bit and do it again. Make your way over to where she is and introduce yourself. Maybe bite your lip and run and hand through your hair at some points. Try and get a flirty conversation going. Ask if she wants another drink of she is responding well to the flirts. See if you can stand/ sit by her and make some physical contact. Look at he r lips every once in awhile. After a little while if she's nice and loose see if you can kiss her. If she let's you ask if she wants to go back home with you after the party.

      Or if you can find that one girl whose giving body shots and oozing sex it could only be a matter of a quick seduction and make out back to an empty room

  • Find her charging port and plug in your cable.


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