How do I go about pursuing this man?

I Really like this guy. Like a lot more than I probably should. He has his issues along with everyone else and I hear more shit spoke about him than anything good but I have hung out with him multiple times and can see past his tough exterior. He has told me that he wants to bring me out and he wants to put a smile on my face and show me what its like to be happy again. We both have come from long term emotionally damaging relationships so we understand each other on a deeper level than most can fathom. Lately he's been withdrawn. Not speaking to me as much. It hurts a lot more than I let on and I have not spoke to him about it. But whenever I am around him while I am I'm a upset or depressed mood he will go to ends meet to make me smile. However, back to him being withdrawn... We had sex. Before the sex he had said he was nervous because he gets attached easily. I told him I do as well and so.. It happened. Since the sex is when he became distant. He makes more physical contact while around me now but when we are not together the contact is very limited. I really like him guys. At this point I would do anything to make him see how much I am willing to do for him. Should I give him space? Tell him how I feel? Let him make the moves? A part of me feels like he has become withdrawn since the sex because he is afraid of being hurt again. His ex did some messed up stuff to him and I know his fears of history repeating itself. Its obvious that he has a deep connection and attraction to me. His eyes light up whenever he is around me and he shuts down completely if another man shows me interest (which is a lot unfortunately). How do I let him know that he is the one who has my attention? Even his friends try going out of their way to spark up convo's with me whenever I am around and cut him off to speak to me. I only want him and I give no one else reason to believe different. What do I do?


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  • Jesus, that's quite a text wall. Not sure if I have the fortitude to climb it, sorry Asker.

    • Did you seriously just comment on this to get 1Xper point for being the first to comment? I'm looking for serious advice. So, I will elaborate for you. We had sex. Since then he's been withdrawn. Before the sex he told me he gets attached easily and that he was nervous. There's a lot more physical contact passed between us now but contact aside from that is limited. What do I do to get him?

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