Has anyone or is anyone this?

Yo so I want to know if there are sugar babies or sugar daddies on this site. Whats your experience like?


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  • Why so you can sell your body away for some material possessions?


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  • I dated one man intentionally going in as a sugar baby and he wanted to be my sugardaddy.
    He would take me on a date and pay for everything he's drive me around in his race car and show off, then we'd go back to his house, play with his huge DJ set and house stereo. He would teach me how to salsa dance and we'd sit in his hot tub looking up at the stars and chat for a long time. sometimes we watched movies. He would give me full body massages in hopes that it would lead somewhere sexual but I'd pretend to fall asleep lol
    and other times he offered me pure LSD in liquid form to help me loosen up.. lolol I said no to sex and drugs and he never pushed me.
    Typically these hangouts would be once a week and last 3 hours tops.

    He was a very nice SD, but I knew his intentions deep inside would come out eventually.
    He paid me 2k once a month.

    We lasted 4 months before he started wanting sex and I tried it, but I hated the feeling afterward.
    I began to hate him so I had to end it. But I ended it in a way so that he felt bad for me.

    I told him I was a virgin and that I didn't feel safe doing it without a condom (which he refused to wear because he had a small dick and I knew he would want to end it) lol so he refused to wear a condom and I refused sex if he didn't wear a condom so he paid me and wished I'd change my mind but I never came back.

    I thought I could cheat my way and get extra money without working. It worked for a short while. I bet if I really took it seriously and became a heartless bitch I could do it professionally.
    But I don't want to get hurt and I don't want others to get hurt.
    To me it ended up not being worth it.
    I now work 2 jobs full time and I'm in school full time. It's hard, but it builds up my self esteem and humbles me. Not my ego.
    It's for some people, but not for me.
    Not every situation will be like mine.
    Some men are legally or physically dangerous maybe even both.
    But going on dates with men to get to know them is not bad.
    But don't fall in the trap of a man who claims is generous but does not compensate you for you time.. Lol


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  • sugar baby = not me
    gold digger = not me
    power tripper = right here x 1000000000000000000


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