I almost always text first, should I be worried?

I've been talking to a guy for a little over a month. Yes, we've slept together, tell each other we have a great time, etc.

He always calls me when he leaves work until he gets home and falls asleep. (He works second shift, so I'm getting ready for work when he calls). I give him a wake up call every afternoon. But the routine has become me texting g him every evening, while he's at work. I never expect a long or major convo.. Because he's at work and busy.

But I'm almost scared to see what would happen if I don't text at all one night. He told me yesterday my text was "awesome" since he's been having a rough time the last few weeks and I sent him a positive/motivational text. He said "Aw. Thanks babe. That's awesome that you sent that.:)"

Then, this am, he told me my texts were getting really sweet. I kind of panicked and asked if maybe it was too sweet, and I should stop. But he said no, not at all.

But.. Why doesn't he ever text first anymore? He initiated almost all of it the first week, but since then.. Pretty much none.


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  • Maybe all of the stress has gotten to him over the past few weeks, and he just lost his touch in texting you first, but since he said "not at all" when you asked him if you should stop texting him, he seems to like you :) Don't worry about it. If he wasn't interested in you, he wouldn't have started texting you first to begin with, and even if you were to text him first, if he wasn't interested, then he would've given you short replies like "yup" or "aha". He even said "thanks babe", which clearly meant something.


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