Any tips on dating a french girl?

Met this awesome french girl who is here in NY because she has an internship or something at Goldman Sachs
So yeah she is super smart, pretty, and her accent and smile makes her adorable!!

Wondering if any french guys or girls on Gag could give me advice, on somethings french people just dont like or do like
or customs or things i should be awaare of...


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  • C'est magnifique monsieur!!!

    Well, I'm not french but I've met french people, so I can say that they are very "special" and many of them are very arrogant too, those that I've met, don't have this "american spirit", they know how to have fun of course, but they are not the soul of the party (so you should be prepared if she says she doesn't feel like going out). Let's hope this girl is more open minded than the ones I've met.
    French people are not as warm as mexicans, so maybe that's something that make me dislike them, they seem so cold and disobliging, for me they don't look like the kind of people that will try to help you if you don't ask for it. And well, you can hug a mexican without problems, french are not used to do that lol
    French is very polite, the fucking language has many polite words XD I mean "je vous en prie" means literally "pray do" or "I beg you", but it works like a "you're welcome". I worked in a french restaurant and the owner always told me I was very rude, and I was like "really yo'?" I'm totally polite XD but for him I wasn't polite enough lol


    Don't expect her to be ready to party all the time
    She might be touchy
    Don't expect to get too much love from her, french girls are not as tender as americans
    She might be arrogant (let's hope she's a sweet pie)
    I doubt she's going to be that girl who likes to do housework, french girls are liberals, they are independent

    Sorry if this is too negative, don't get me wrong, there are things I like about french people, but I'm just telling you the worst so she doesn't surprise you.
    I know this because my ex-french teacher is mexican/french and she tell us all the time the difference between Mexico and France. She's arrogant, though lol


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What Girls Said 6

  • Hahaha, I told you to go go get a girlfriend and you did! 😄 I'm so proud of you!!!

  • @keyspirits can help you with this. He's got a whole encyclopaedia on how to score women

    Unfortunately its not as successful as he thinks :(
    He however managed to score Miss India 1992 - Rita Joshua Pheng. She's a beauty - it was love at first sight

  • I'm not french... but still, this is wonderful and I'm happy for you!

  • Learn some french and their culture?

  • tell her feel like you really like her

    • haha! She is my sisters friend... thats the only thing thats stopping me i am afraid my sister will get pissed if i try and make a move on her friend

      not only that, but i feel kind of I don't know, dumb around this girl... she is just so smart, i am kind of a clumsy lovey dovey kind of dude

    • lols! clumsiness can be cute l

    • Thanks.. i hope she likes me... i can't really tell, we made eye contact a few days ago and i just kept blushing every time she talked to me lol!!

      i wasn't being shy but, i was as red as a tomato lol!!

  • French kissing, french fucking.

    • lol!! i doubt it she seems very sophisticated, I don't know what french fucking is though
      You Anons are very sexual lol!!

      the french kissing will hopefully happen lol

What Guys Said 7

  • Do everything as French as possible.

    Give her French fries and French toast, learn how to French kiss, wear a beret, call her your little croissant, and be sure to perfect the French laugh.

  • Lol 😂 trying on a french girl here too...😂
    I would say it depends from where she is coming, from Paris or like far because Paris women are always classy like 18+ but I think outside Paris is casual.. Either way french are proud of their culture so you better google them. They like to try new things out of there customs, so try taking to an Asian or a burger outlet. If she is thin then definitely she is worrying about her health, so she may avoid fat food. Buy her a coffee and talk for few hours at the restaurant and talk for a walk... show her some monuments... take her out at night... NO BOING STUFF, AVOID CLUBS (Unless she wants to go)(no drugs or smoking Unless she does) . Tbh is nothing much... you can learn French from her, if will be fun... eat croissants and plus french girls are a bit naughty and smarter so keep your eyes open and brain turned on..😂😂😂
    Bonne chance mon ami... 😜

    • Thanks bro!!! Really helps

    • It will be so hard for you to follow them... for me, the worst, some are like butter but some are like so hard to follow up... even sometimes they find non french speaking people but confusing because of the language. Also don't try to go anything that is crossing their limit. They have a personality and their pride and their style and they will get pissed off easily if they feel uncomfortable so make sure no mistakes 😂😂
      Good luck :)
      Glad I helped :)

  • this is a time where I wish I was 27 so I could teach you how to bake a very popular French cake
    French and Latin people in general like baked goods

    • You dont need to be 27 to teach bro lol!!
      all u need is to have the knowledge!

      yeah i might get her a pastry good idea!!

    • at 27 I would probably be a well experienced chef though, and yes dude make her a pastry she will love it and you will feel like a god

    • haha thanks dude!! i enjoy cooking too, i primarily cook soaps and barbecue

  • Learn "You'll be in my heart" in French. Phil Collins did a version for the French version of Tarzan, it's called: "Tu vis dans mon cœur".

  • Ride a bike with baguettes in the cart and that will certainly win her heart.

  • Oh lala a frenchie

  • Praise her nation, i guess lololol.


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