It's been three days and he hasn't called.

I went out with a guy and its been three days and he hasn't called. It was a great date and he said he would definitely call me at the end of it. Today is the third day and I haven't heard a word from him. I have thought about the date over and over. It may have been the good night kiss (I've never had complaints before though) but I'm not sure. He has exams all this week and next week so he may just be busy but from my experience when a guy likes you he call. Can any one provide insight? Should I just forget him or give him more time to call and finish his exams?


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  • Sometimes guy and girls do the 3 day rule where they wait 3 days maybe four before they call a person only because they don't want to seem eager to talk to you when really they are I know its funny but its just one of the many dating games don't stress so much over it but if like 2 weeks go past and he hasn't called that may mean he wasn't feeling the date like you can also wait a couple days and call him he may be scared to call IF he is that type of guy.

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