My boyfriends cousin?

My boyfriends girl cousin says sexual things to him that makes me uncomfortable and he just laughs at it when she says sexual things to him and I have told him i feel uncomfortable every time she's around and I just dont feel right. I told him she has no respect because, she does it right in front of my face and he allows it and I dont like it. When I tell him I dont like it he starts ignoring me and calls me "crazy' and he gets really defensive and takes me back home and ignores me for the rest of the day. I feel like he doesn't care how I feel and those sexual remarks just aren't okay to me, he even drove her to go get her nipples pierced and I was there to go get my nose pierced but its just weird that she has to be there to get her nipples pierced while her cousin is waiting outside. Everytime they do something together he doesn't tell me, she had a graduation get together and he didn't tell me until a couple days ago. I feel so disrespected and I dont know what to do?


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  • Did you tell your boyfriend or just his cousin?

    • If you told your boyfriend and he ignores you and tells you that you're crazy, then you're better off without him

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    • He's not being a good boyfriend to you; it looks like you need to reflect or reconsider your relationship with him. Imagine if you were in real danger and he just didn't really care about it? I know it's his cousin, but still that's just wrong

    • His cousin shouldn't be saying sexual things to him and you're right, I've been having a long night of crying and all he could do was ignore me and not validate my feelings. I tried to put it in his perspective and tell him how would you feel if my guy cousin said sexual things to me? He didn't say anything because I'm making a valid point that his cousin shouldn't say sexual things to him like that, it's disrespectful and he never tells her my girlfriend is right here, he says nothing. He doesn't stick up for me and he knows I don't like it and he's not doing anything about it except ignoring it and getting really defensive to the point where he's taking me home

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  • Hmmm... this guy is loosing interest in you or would rather let you go than to come between he and his cousin.

    • She's disrespectful to me and he just lets it happen and he doesn't stand up for me.

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    • What would you do if you were me?

    • If I were you, the won't be no next time. I'd leave at once

  • that sounds gross for her to do

    • & he allows it and laughs at it and I keep telling him I don't like it and he's not standing up for me. Once I told him about it he got so mad and ignored me the whole day. I keep telling him and trying to communicate with him my feelings because I know if it was the other way around he would be furious and I would have said something by now and I feel so uncomfortable.

    • It's just like he's dismissing my feelings and takes me home crying everytime I talk to him about it.

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