What to make of her behavior? or mine?

After talking to this girl for 3 days, I ask her out, she thinks it's a bit fast, says she want's to get to know me first and gives me her number.

Fine, I am no rush, but damn, I have to work to get her to talk.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think when somebody says ''get to know you'' they would at least ask a question? like once? Although I admit that in those first 3 days, she didn't ask much either...

What makes even less sense is that she replies within 5 mins max.. Got a bit frustrated so I am giving it a 3 day break.

Just play the game?
Nope, she is definitely not interested...

Thanks for the opinions though.


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  • It seems like mayb she's on defence mode for so many eason. It could be that she had been cheated on in past relationships and now she ants to play it safe for her. Or if she's shy girl, you'll have to make her fee comfortable around you. On the other hand, if she can't speak to you at all, than, it's maybe a sign she's not ready for any Relationship.

    • Well you are awfully close, she has been cheated on twice.
      But we talked about it, and she said she was ready to start again. (she is on a dating site so...)

      Perhaps she isn't ready yet but doesn't know it herself.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah there are some people who are like that in which the conversation is kinda one sided. Just keep on trying and soon enough they'll actually initiate and ask back or something. It's also best to know someone in person than just chat or text because there are people who are simply bad at texting and much more lively in person. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you bro

    • I hope you are right on the ''in person'' theory, But I will definitely try to to get her talking tomorrow.
      Thanks man.

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  • I would think it is easier to get to know someone if you see them face to face and can really have a conversation? Maybe that is old fashioned!
    Some people just take a bit of work. It is still early days. Maybe see how it all plays out.

    • That's what I also tried to explain to her, you can learn more in 5 minutes of conversation than 5 days of texting.
      But perhaps she is just a bit too shy or socially awkward.

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    • You're welcome. Maybe you are right, she might just be shy but meeting someone you will give your full attention so getting to know them so it would be easier. Hope it goes alright and she's not just messing you about!

    • Only one way to find out..

      Here we go again.

  • Alternatively, there's a chance that she has another guy she's been entertaining.

    • There is always that possibility, but I doubt that is she is shy to me but open to another..
      Or he is doing something better than me.

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    • Facebook pictures aren't really a good indicator, but it does sound more like she has another guy.

      Doesn't mean he's necessarily better. He probably just started talking to her first. Just know there's a chance she's weighing you against another guy, so if you value yourself more than that start talking to other girls and keep her on the backburner.

    • I already was, but still, I'd like to learn from experiences like this, not just stop talking to her..
      Either she doesn't respond anymore, or she let's me know she isn't interested anymore. Then I move on.

      Unfortunately it's usually the first reason, but I'll see tomorrow.

      But anyways thanks for the wise words..

What Guys Said 1

  • just tell her you want it a little slower


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