Who is more eceptional and special?

A virgin girl who controlled herself from having sex n kept herself safe from diseases for her future husband... Or a non virgin girl who had sex with many partners before marraige (not casual but in relationships)?
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  • Which one is more exceptional and special? Turning left or turning right?


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  • The first one cares more about her husband. A woman once told me when a woman has sex with a man she sees it as giving that man her body as a gift. Well what kind of gift is one that's been used by 6-7 different guys? How would you feel if I bought you a cheeseburger but I let three dudes each take a bite out of it first? If I gave you the choice between opening a brand new soda, or drinking one that had seven penises in it, which would you choose?

    • But doesn't that mean you're turning the woman into an object?

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    • Exactly, I don't see cute girls lining up to date the old homeless guy with no teeth.

    • U r ri8 too..(y)

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  • Depends, if the virgin girl had a low sex drive and wasn't attractive than her being a virgin wouldn't be very impressive

    However if she was attractive and had an average sex drive then it would be pretty impressive.

    There really isn't anything impressive about a girl getting a lot of guys to have sex with her. A girl getting a lot of guys to have sex with her is like a college student passing a first graders math test, I'd be surprised if they couldn't.

    Getting sex is easy for girls, getting commitment is hard so for girl 2 it would depend on how long her relationships lasted and who was the one that ended things.

  • definetily the virgin saving girl !


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