I'm deeply unhappy with my life?

Im a 23 year old girl and never been in love or had the experiences of joy in my life.

This is my life story summed up:

- basically everything went wrong at the age of 12, i was a joyful kid, a bit shy maybe but i was excited to go to high school and start a new chapter in my life, form friendships etc. I was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis and the doctor said i needed to wear a back brace for the upcoming 4-5 years, 24/7, thats means no activities, barely any friends, hospital visits etc. After i was done with the treatment i missed so much of life and before i know it i was 18 and didn't know how to handle life, i was extremely depressed, i had no friends, i isolated myself. At the age 20- 21 i picked myself up and went back to school and started paying my debts off, but the depression was still there. My family is also very controlling and agrgumentitive -anti social, so i alwyas felt like i had to choose their will above my own. Im 23 and never had a boyfriend even tho i am beautiful, i keep pushing men away, i live at home and i just DONT know how to open up. What should i do? and is this reasonable why i feel like this?


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  • hey don't worry about your age I'm 25 and never had a girlfriend and some people are 27 on here in the same boat


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  • First of all, 23 isn't anything to panic about...

    24 years old here, only starting the women/dating stuff since last month.
    I was always shy and thinking women never wanted me, until my friends slapped me on the back of the head, and woke me up.

    So first, calm down, you are in no rush.
    Second get some friends and go out, get some decent social skills.

    I want to add the 3, but since you are a women and '' beautiful'' there is not much you have to do from there.
    Just choose.


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  • Everyone feels that way sometimes. You have to endure it for a while but I am sure that eventually you're going to find a way out of this.
    Don't forget that you're still young. You will have many opportunities for friends, lovers, jobs...