So much anti-dating a guy short/shorter than a girl s*** on here isn't there?

Things that annoy me on this post

1) People who say it's 'werid' or awkward'

Not all guys are supertall, not all girls are super shot

2) People who blame 'pre-wired genetics' bulls*** and say I have the right to like what I like excuse

Yes you have the right to like what you like but this whole concept is a media enforced discriminating same as short guys suffer in general because heightism is such a trivilised form of discrimination (whether in dating, or other aspects)
and also STOP posting these threads and discouraging those who aren't so heightist

3) People who say dating a short guy feels like dating my 'son'

Do you say the same thing if a 5 foot girl dates a 6 foot guy (daddy/daughter) no so that is just sexist as well as heightist

4) You all go out your way to shame your friends who date a shorter guy like its so wrong!!

5) You fail to realise height can't be helped or changed, it should not have an impact on how attractive someone is or isn't,

6) "I feel awkward about it?" Many celebritiy couples where the guy is shorter than the lady big deal and guys who are significantly shorter ain't gonna find many women sshorter

7) Is height really more important than personality

8) Reverse guilt trip!! No we just like to date like everyone else, you show a total lack of respect for us over something we have no control over and intend to deliberately miserate our lifes by enforcing to say how wrong it is for anyone to date shorter guys

9) You say it's weird because you are so paranoid about what others think? F*** them why should you caer so long as your happy together and treat you right what does anyone else have the right to judge your relationship with someone? So stuck up by media brain-wired bull****

10) Height should never matter! It's about personality and kindness more than anything in real lot!



Most Helpful Girl

  • So women don't deal with these height issues? Tall women have to deal with the same shit short men do as most men prefer to date women shorter than them. Why are so many of you short men so blind to this. You're not the only ones who deal with this. Get the fuck over it. I've dated shorter men and they all had issues with my height vs their height. So insecure and that's a huge turn off. I can't deal with insecure people.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yet we're bad people for not wanting to date chicks who are wider than the average doorway.


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What Girls Said 5

  • 1. You are over reacting
    2. I dont see that happening and I'm on here pretty often
    3. If there are people or a majority of girls on g@g who aren't into guys shorter than them its their preference and you need to suck it up and move on

    • Thank you!!!@Bards. Now I will admit I do see a lot of "height" questions but come on!! Its the internet! And besides, if a person feels that way about height, who cares? It's like people get mad at people who care about height as if they have to date them. If that's how they feel then let them be that way and move on. Sorry for blowing up comment box but I don't the sudden up roar about height. If someone feels that way, forget them and move on. And I'm a short guy by the way. Again sorry for blowing up your comment box but I wish I could give you 10,000 up votes.

    • @Macklin91 nah its cool! XD
      There are plenty of girls that will like guys who are as tall as them or even abit shorter

  • A lot of girls don't care about height as long as the guy is taller.

    Shorter girls want taller guys.

    Taller girls care less.

  • Are you short?

  • You are definitely overreacting. Some girls just like tall guys, just like some guys like short girls. There are plentyof girls out there wouldn't my being with a short guy. Also, I haven't seen any of this height shaming that you mentioned.

  • I love heels, I need a tall man. Get over it shortie


What Guys Said 2

  • some people here think 510 is short like what the heck

  • Well SPH isn't allows do SMH has to do.


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