Guys, How do you act when you're afraid to have feelings for a woman?

Well this guy kind of went M. I. A for a while and when we started talking and getting close again and he told me he pretty much disappeared because he liked me and he's afraid to have feelings for me... he still acts a little weird even though we hooked up and he said he doesn't feel the same as he did... he cares for me but differently.. explain? Lol


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  • Having feelings for someone leaves you in a very fragile and vulnerable position. He is afraid that his feelings for you could have a possible chance of him being hurt at the end of it which is technically possible. I don't really buy his claims about thinking about you differently. He is trying to put up a barricade to prevent himself from falling for you further.

    • Does that really work lol

    • I just used what you said to call him out on it... told him its what i thinkg and the response i got "don't think so much. Whatever will be, will be"

    • I don't know how exactly you approached him about the issue but I really don't think that was a good idea to use my ideas anyway. Judging from his response, he is not longing for commitment and he is downplaying your feelings. To be honest, he seems like he is wasting your time. Tell me that you know what you want but if he doesn't want you then you will not remain her in this constant circle of confusion and you will move on (say this even if you are not so sure you will move on). This will, at least, tell him the situation clearly.

  • I will try to ignore her and distance myself maybe

    • Why though! Why be afraid to feel?

    • What about now that he isn't going m. i. a he's made it clear he's not going anywhere but isn't romantically interested now :/ but he doesn't want to lose me from his life

    • Sorry im leaving this website tomorrow i dont want to give in depth answers i will just say that if he says he's not interested he's probably not antmore sorry but maybe you need someone else up to you. Anyway can't I've in depth answer sorry