He said he was surprised I wasn't sick of him yet?

He said that to me in the middle of our second date, and it sort of caught me off-guard. I responded by telling him that if that was really the case, then I wouldn't have been there with him, and he said "yeah, that's true" before going on to make plans for our next date. Our dates have all been pretty casual- We have plans for a fifth date at the movies next week, but he hasn't made any moves yet other than offering me a hug at the end of our last date (I initiated one at the end of our third). I want to go at a pace that he's comfortable with, but I'm not sure if he's looking to me to initiate these things? I'm fairly reserved myself, but I do like him and don't want to end up in some sort of limbo state with him. Was he looking to me for reassurance that I'm interested when he said that and that I'm not being obvious enough? Hell, I've been worrying that he's going to get sick of ME.


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