Is there something wrong with me?

Every guy I date cheats. every guy I'm interested in either f***s me over or thinks my friends are attractive. I'm really easy going and not a mean girlfriend but it seems like I have no luck dating or finding a guy that isn't after one thing. Most of my friends say its the dating range I choose (17-24) it all depends. is there something I'm supposed to be doing that I might not or what?


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  • Yes. Wait until you are old enough to have the right standards for men. Until then don't date older guys and keep to yourself with your sexuality. Unless, of course, you plan on dating people who are exactly your age or close to it. I don't really know how old you are but I will promote the fact that guys will walk all over you if they are older than you to a large extent and will take advantage of your "easy going" and "good" characteristics. I'm sorry this is happening to you, the best thing I can say is follow your instincts, don't give into anything unless you have no doubt in your mind you are taking no chances. Other than this, expect to be treated poorly by older guys. I don't know how you act from day to day but try not to put out for men who will exploit you and what you have to offer. The last thing is to take relationships seriously, slowly, and be patient. The main reason I'm guessing you are hurt by them is because you misconceive them and who they are before it's too late. Let time be a trusting factor. And also... expect this to happen as you grow up or at least until you can tell the difference between decent guys and sh*t guys


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  • 1.there is nothing wrong with you.

    2.guys tend to cheat just because they can, most of the guys do do that but if they have another reason which could be the case, it could be that something is missing out from the relationship which isn't your fault, its both of parties faults!

    3, I've been cheated on few times, not because there is something bad about me or anything, its because society makes it okay for men to cheat or at least it drives them to the edge of doing it. which is f***ed up but its true, that's what I believe honestly!

    4. when a guy cheats he is most likely to blame you for it, like for example he would say. I need attention or perhaps I need more sex or whatever.. just because he wants you to blame yourself and think OH god perhaps I should have beena better girlfriend and let you take the balem for it. as if you drove hm to do it and its not really his fault. But it is 100%

    5. honestly, am one of those gurls who believe that there is only ONE MAN on this planet. at some point they re either cheaters or players or have a wondering eye! which means they all suck and they re all lame.

    the problem here isn't You, am sure there are decent guys out there who are wondering the same thing about why do gurls cheat on them so perhaps you wanna take a second look next time at the geeky guy who has a crush on you.

    Another thing, for some reason, we all fall for either the bad guys or the bad gurl( if its a guy)

    So next time choose wisely.. instead of dating the most popular guy in town, date the nice guy who smiles at you inseatd of checking out your cleavage!

  • Chill out! Your expectations are too high. If I could go back and do it all over again I would date a lot of guys, have fun, and not get serious (or intimate). The sad reality is that while many young girls are looking for love, many young guys are sowing their wild oats. They are having fun thinking about different girls. You can be the greatest thing ever created but that's not gonna guarantee that your average young horny guy is going to be faithful to you. Just have fun and don't take guys too seriously because most guys are not taking girls seriously.