Guys, My boyfriend doesn't seem to want to go down on me. I don't get it?

I give my boyfriend blowjobs all the time. I want him to know i enjoy pleasing him. I thought by doing that, he would be more then happy to return the favor. I always make sure I am clean. I taste myself periodically because I wanna make sure I am fresh. I always smell and taste great. I have mentioned this to my boyfriend and he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about and that he loves it. But I feel if he loves it, he would wanna do it all the time. My ex couldn't get enough of eating me. On average I'd say my current boyfriend does it once very two weeks. I want him to do it like every other day, or at least every 3-4 days. I give him blowjobs at least every other day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. He just doesn't seem to be that into it. I want him to crave me like I do him. So I need some advice... what could be going on?


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  • Is he in love with you?

    Love will change it... it's actually quite a disturbing and disgusting thought to go down on women before love happens for a lot of men.

    • We are in love and have even picked out rings. It was his idea.

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  • yes you should dump him.. its a deal breaker. I like to go down on girls once a day for about hour. I think we would make a great team!! do you have KIK?

    • I appreciate the offer but I have to decline. I am very committed to making this work. Best of luck on your search :)

  • Tell him straight up that great sex works both
    ways and refuse him blowjobs until he acknowledges ur need for GREAT brain

    • He said he doesn't expect me to give him blowjobs. I don't understand why he doesn't? I am amazing at it. He has even told me so. I make him cum every time and quickly. So I know that's not the reason... but I don't know the actual reason? He tells me he doesn't know the reason... but that he just doesn't expect it. So I said... then you don't expect me to give u sex either? And he said... well... I would expect sex... and I said... ofcourse you expect sex... I can still cum every time... but I fucking can't!!! The convo got very heated. Anyways... hopefully he gets it now. This argument happened last night. So I'm still waiting for the change.

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    • Scientific studies have shown that there are over 8000 Nerve endings in the clitoris
      The bottom line is that vaginal sex won't make you cum but if your boyfriend gives you oral sex by stimulating your clit chances are you will.
      I think your boyfriend has masculinity issues when it comes to licking you out down there. Maybe he feels less dominant or licking pussy grosses him out.
      Either way you should make sure he engaged in foreplay with you as guys cum more quickly than girls.
      DON'T give him a blow job UNTIL he can make you cum.

    • He never asks for a blow job. He will comment sometimes and say something like, he would really like a repeat of the last time, comments like that... which, I know what they meen. But he never expects them. If I comment and say something very similar. It's like he either doesn't pick up on it or he ignores me. And yes I openly suck his dick any chance I get. I grab him all the time too lol. He doesn't do that to me... I have expressed I love to be touched and groped. I guess he just simply does have a lower sex drive then me. I am 28 he is 15 years older. :(

  • Maybe he has lower sexual drive than you. I think if you feel horny like this; you can try pleasing yourself (although this isn't a great substitute for sex, but hey, that might make you feel better). Or, if you can risk a bit more, you can try to talk dirty online to guys whom you find good and reliable! That can also be a good option! After all, you aren't having sex with someone... you are just talking dirty... You aren't cheating him.
    You live only once right?

  • Well some solid communication is required here. It does seem some what selfish of him but until you ask him you will not know for sure.

  • I have idea. i wish my girlfriend would let me do it to her more

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