Who are 2 gagers who would make a good couple?

It might be because they have the same views, share the same interests, or are very flirty. It might be because they look similiar or something else. You can post anonymously if you want to include yourself and you're too shy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I vote myself and @bandit74. I need him in my life to complete me.

    • nah, I wouldn't want to steal you from @account or @GirlScoutsRevenge

      you've already got a love triangle, you don't need me to add to the drama

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    • @Account
      Tired of the world?
      Now i feel guilty.

    • You do? I am sorry about that.
      You don't have to.

Most Helpful Girl

  • @alexious

    • with yourself?

    • Of course! maybe we could all gangbang

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