Analyze this:does he maybe like me?

So this boy I like (we'll call him bob) has a twin brother (call him Tom) i got to talk to my crush bob for an entire class period on break as we spent pretty mush the entire period talking about random stuff:made fun if Tom, talked about running, at some point he mentioned he could do sixty push ups and showed me a video of him running ahead of every one in a race. he also asked me if I was on our schools dance team because he never saw me a school concert we held a while back. In response I said that I was working backstage and bob threw in "with Harry..." (His twin Tom saw Harry drive me home a few weeks previous from a play so I assume he knows about it too) and he proceeded to mention stuff about Harry owning a dirt bike and a truck so I was curious if he was hinting towards the ride home he gave me because Harry and I kinda used to like each other oops lol. screw Harry anyways bob kept the convo going casually until the bell rang and I shook his hand and all that nice crap. i also followed him on Instagram and he followed me back I know that's not important but still what do u think? MAYBE he might be kinda interested?(most people say he doesn't normally follow people he doesn't know very well back and ice only talked to him once does that help any?😂)


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  • if he says dat bout which people he follows then maybe, but not 100% accurate... i'd say he wants to go wid friends only 1st mostly

  • Sure, sounds interested to me.


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