Guys, what the hell was he doing? Is that normal?

I liked a guy, he gave me all the right signs but he liked someone else.

9 months later we met again. It didn't work out with the other girl. He gave me all the signs again, this time it was intensified. He would stare all the time, doesn't matter if I was right in front of him or far away, he would look at me when something funny happened, he overheard my conversations, his body was turn towards me. But in the weekends he was on a hunt for sex, and slept with some girls. The month where we was around each other ended. And he hugged me. We have never hugged before, so I felt uncomfortable.

Few weeks after the hug, I accidentally friended him on facebook and then deleted the request. Last time we met he ignored me deliberately. He was with a group of mutual friends and I walked over and said hi to some of them. He just stood there and ignored me.

I am over him, but my experience with him is haunting me. I feel like he at first was leading me on, then I got rejected, and then he continue flirting and act interest. So now I'm too terrified and nervous to approach other guys.

What is he playing at? And is this even normal?


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  • But you never really made a move either. He might have given up

    • I did. A year ago he got to know that I like him. But he likes someone else. That didn't work out then he continue on flirting. I don't know maybe his just a weird kind of guy.

    • Since he wanted sex from other girls it made me think that's all he really wanted from you anyway

    • Yeah you are probably right. Thank you for your answer. :)

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  • He saw the friend request followed by deletion and thinks you are messing with him. Guys don't like it when women mess with them like that. That is why he all of a sudden was ignoring you.


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