How do I stop having feelings for females?

im so done with feeling towards females i always nice to them and i try to treat em right but they always go for someone else im so done with this shit. always gettin in my feelings over a bitch that dont want me. how do i get rid of my feelings


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  • It's the same for me but with males. I know how you feel. I want to stop having feelings for males. Message me and maybe we can help each other.


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  • Thats life man, im a gentleman and im nice and i money, back with goals hobbies. Laides like me but still go out with dudes who knows what to say and who dont care about them. Just like chivalry is dying woman wanted be treated right on a decrease. you'll meet classy or strong or independent woman whos looking fir nice men with a back bone but reality is they still lookibg for that guy who knows whst to say. 10/10 he dont care about her. So your problem is you care too much, have not much of a backbone, and must be saying the wrong things.


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  • Just stop giving a fuck. Stop caring about being with girls and start doing your own stuff, start having fun by yourself. Get new hobbies, focus on your career, your job... anything but women.

    I'm done trying to get a girlfriend cause I'm tired of searching and just meeting girls that aren't for me, so I've decided to stay single and forget about relationships, if that dream girl comes, then cool, if she doesn't, then cool too, but I'm tired of searching and searching without any results but me getting frustrated.
    Focus on yourself, nothing else.


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