Do you think it would be better if girls rejected guys simply by saying "I don't find you attractive"?

You know instead of using the generic "I see you as a brother" or "I have a boyfriend already" (My favorite one).

I see it all the time and I know PLENTY of girls that just don't want to tell the guy she finds them ugly or unattractive but instead they don't give them the cold hard truth and instead give them a comforting lie so they don't feel like trash.

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  • First i am sure that a lot of girls might actually have a boyfriend. And that whole brother thing is kinda true. I play basketball with a lot of really hot guys, but to me they just don't seem like boyfriend material, but they would make the best big brothers ever. LIke they might be good for a hookup but that might just make the relationshihp weird. so don't go around saying that girls do that to make you feel better it might just be true. Also do really really want all the girls you pursue to tell you that you're fugly as shit, cuz if so I have no problem telling you that. It would be my pleasure to tell you how damn ugly your ass is.


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  • I know it sounds like it would be easier but I don't think it would go well for girls with the way things are now :/

  • Even if guys claim that they'd rather me just tell them I'm not attracted to them, I wouldn't say it (depending on the person).
    You never know, some people may take it to heart and their self esteem may go further down even though they pretend it's alright.
    Some things are just better off unsaid.

    • So if a guy asked you why you rejected him and you knew that the main reason (or only reason) why you did was because you fount him ugly you would lie to him instead of just being honest?

    • If it was a stranger, yup.
      If it was an acquaintance, yup.
      If it was a friend with low self esteem, yup.
      If it was a friend who is pretty damn confident then I'd have no problem telling him the real reason.

  • Sure but some guys tend to be pretty sour and irrational when they're rejected so they might lash out

    I mean, you're directly insulting them lmao

    • I wouldn't really call it an insult if you're just being honest on why you don't want to give them the time of day.

    • You're down to earth, but many other guys aren't. Haha.

    • If I ask a girl out and she rejects me I'd honestly her rather be honest with me.

      Now there's a line not to cross, if you reject someone because you find them unattractive just say "I don't find you attractive, sorry" don't say "I DON'T WANT TO DATE YOU YOU UGLY ASF WTF? GTFO".

  • Do you really wanna hear a girl say she isn't attracted to you or you creep her out? I'd feel mean telling a guy that

    And the fact a girl has a boyfriend is a perfectly legit reason if true

    • Yes, I would rather hear the truth then her make up a lie to why she's rejecting me. Why is lying to the guy any better then telling him what you feel?

      And most girls simply say they have a boyfriend as a way to avoid having to tell the guy why they won't date them because again I know PLENTY of girls that use this tactic and told me personally this is the case.

    • Oh well I only say I have a boyfriend cause I do, I don't lie

      But I not good at rejecting guys either, I feel bad

  • If I find a guy attractive, I'll let him know. That's not always good though 😞

  • Its gr8 to be direct but people are afraid to be

  • I wish men were like that to me. But instead they bully me just because they aren't attracted to me.


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