First 'Hang Out', he talked about all his exes!

Known a guy a few months, we liked each other in the last month or so, him first, then me, then mutually acknowledged attraction.

He asked me out kinda, we hung out played pool then grabbed a bite. Went dutch.

We've talked about our 1 major ex before.

But he told the detailed stories about ALL HIS EXES (like 4 or 5 stories) in detail, recounting them like his fun 20s or whatever.

What do you think he was thinking in doing that?


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  • Ahh I like this question because I'm 24 and I hope to NOT be that guy. Here's why. We men tend to look at our lives and think about what we have accomplished. Our successes. Sometimes we men don't know when to talk about these successes (which define ourselves). On a date is NOT one of those times to rant about our successes in life (work, past dating life, etc.) We should be talking about random sh*t, joking, flirting, asking YOU questions, and offering our value (like confidence, hobbies, etc.). Basically this guy has forgotten basically. So don't blame him (too much), he's a guy and this is sometimes a natural place to go for us men. I know, bad

    • Yeah that's what I wasn't a 'date' altho we had acknowledged attraction.

      He seemed very pleased w himself recounting his stories.

      A friend thought he was trying to impress me but I was like, no, I think he was just really pleased w himself lol.

      Whereas me, I glossed over my past because I don't want my 'Number' to be known.

      In the end, it's the half hour plus of stories (that were entertaining) that solidified that he and the types of girls he's gone weren't up to my std by far.


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