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So I've been dating this girl the past couple weeks and the last time (first time) we went on a date we ended up going to a party, getting really high and then heading back to her place and having sex (first time for me) I couldnt come but i chalked it up to how stoned i was at the time. Since then I've texted her off and on every couple of days but it seems that she isn't as "into it" as before even though she usually responds within a minute of me sending a text and we talk for a bit, but she never texts me first. Is this because she likes me but is only interested in a casual type relationship? Or is she just trying to be nice while letting some distance naturally happen? We still joke sexually just as much as before but im wondering what exactly it is she's looking for? I will probably wind up just asking her when i take her out again but I have a bit of a busy schedule so god knows when that will happen. Opinions?


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  • It completely depends. What you could do is ask her out to dinner and see how she reacts? You wouldn't know exactly what she wants until she says something.


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