Crush on Brother's Friend?

My brother's best friend is really hot. I've known him all my life but I still think he's hot. I make it known to him that I want to sleep with him but he looks at me as his baby sister. I wearing revealing clothes around him. When we're in the pool, I loosen my bikini top so when I jump in my top falls off. I pretend not to notice to give him a good look.

I'm a pretty girl so I don't get why he won't sleep with me. I even ask him if he wants to sleep with me and he gives me the BS excuse of I'm like his sister. Since I'm not related, there's no reason as to why he can't jump into bed with me. How can I get him to sleep with me? I'm 20 and he's 21


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  • You sound extremely desperate no offence. Chill out and just hangout no guy wants a girl who throws themselves at them.


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  • This reads like some kind of joke-post, like someone's "pretending" to be some really slutty/thirsty girl. Even topped it off with the subtle bruised ego gag what with the "I'm a pretty girl so I don't get why he won't sleep with me" bit.

    Stop pretending to be a girl, you ol' joker, you.


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  • you don't really sound like a girl.. lol


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