Girls, Is it an okay practice to lead with the let's go out to so and so text or should there be more if a warmup with hellos and how are yous?

For starters I get calling is traditionally better, but that's just not what our schedules allow for.
I would actually prefer talking then naturally asking her out, but let's be honest I know I'm texting to ask her out, sometimes she gets distracted, why not cut to the chase sometimes?


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  • Generally I'm a cut to the chase type of person
    With everything I do; flirting, arguments, I'm sorry's
    I don't like beating around the bush and most people love me for that, some find it rather aggressive or off putting

    Which is why it depends on your relationship with the person you want to ask out..

    If it's kind of already in the open that you like her
    Just go for it no need to make it
    more awkward than it already is...

    If it's someone that you met maybe not to long ago though it'll probably just be off putting
    They won't know how to respond and thus avoid you "possibly forever"

    • Lol well considering we've already been out on a date... I think it's pretty out there.

    • Well then considering its out that just go for it
      Since she already mentioned a place she wanted to go..
      Just ask
      You can make it fun or flirty plain jane whatever your style is..
      When asking I. E.
      So remember that restaurant you mentioned you wanted to go to? Well I have the reservationist on the phone..
      What day/time will you be ready

      I dont know just sum cheesy line but you get the idea

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  • The best practice is to call on the phone and tell her you want to see her soon. Make plans that way and have a place and activity in mind to suggest already. Many women love a man who can be confident and take charge when needed.

    • I haven all the things planned :) she actually mentioned a place she wanted to go with me during the first date. Unfortunately, this weekend she's out of town with her friend so I don't wanna mess with her girl time too much lol but I do want to follow up on our first date sooner rather then later.

    • Sounds like you know what you are doing and that you will be just fine! Just make sure not to over think things and all will be okay...

  • Well, you should start out by getting her interested in the conversation by telling her what you think of her, why you like her. Then copliment her and ask her out.

  • Warm up with a "hey, how are you? (:" and then when that's over say "hey do you maybe want to go to Baskin Robbins?" ( that's just an example."

  • I think thats okay. This guy sent me messages like "So when are you free for dinner?" "when do you want to drink again?" Its totally casual because we didn't text everyday like hi how are you. When we meet, we have things to talk about which is good.

  • hellos and how are yous


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