My crush/friend doesn't approach me.. Why?

This title was a little bit weird but this is a basic summary.
I've been classmates with my crush through 2 years of elementary school, but back then I didn't really like him. Now in high school, I had a class with him as well as extracurricular sports. We got to know each other better through them and as our interactions became more frequent. That's when I started to fall for his personality.
we hung out recently just a few days ago and we both did a lot of things and had lots of fun. But we hung out as friends. The thing is I would really want to tell him how I feel, and I also think he might be feeling the same way.
But I'm just confused because wen though I felt like we got much closer this summer, he never really initiates many conversations or asks me out anywhere.
He has an introverted, shy kind of personality, but since we have known each other for awhile it feels like he and I are comfortable around each other.
im worried it might be that I am too intimidating or something, or he just truly does not like me.

SO: why do you think shyer people don't like to approach others?
Would it be weird if I ask him on a date next time or might he appreciate it?

thank you!


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What Guys Said 1

  • "why do you think shyer people don't like to approach others?"

    I think you answered your own question there, to be honest.

    • Yes I suppose you're right haha :)
      But I'm curious if you had some advice or opinions on anything else

What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably not that interested or he's shy.


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