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A girl and I have been talking dating for a month now. We've gone out once a week for 4 to 5 weeks now. When she's with me she seems all into me, kissing me, hugging me always wanting to hold my hand. One time she was breaking it off with me cause she said she wasn't ready for a relationship cause she can't get over a guy who broke up with her over a year ago. Well I talked to her about it, told her that I wasn't gonna push her, make her do anything she didn't wanna do. Just take it slow and see how thing went. She agreed. So we went out two other times since then and everything has been fine, til this week. Weve hardly talked any, in a middle of a conversation she'll just stop texting me and she doesn't seem like she wants to talk. So I didn't text her any yesterday. I texted her late this evening we texted maybe 5 times til I just asked if we were gonna hangout any next week since I'm on vacation from work. She hasn't text me back anymore. What should I do if she doesn't text back and answer? I wanna just text her now and be like, well I'm gonna just take this as a no plus you've been acting strange all week... or just not text her and see if she texts me. What should I do?


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  • I think that you should call her, or better yet invite her over, and just nicely ask her what is wrong. Don't be to pushy, but do try to get her to open up and talk about it.

  • dont text her.


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