Girls, What is the best way to get a guy to ask me out?

  • Act as normal as possible
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  • Step my game up
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  • Act completely different
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  • I think you should be yourself for having a perfect match, who will hold your hand for lifetime.. :)


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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't know about "getting" a guy to ask you out, as if you have to actually do something other than the obvious like let him know you're interested in being asked. Most times, being asked out is sprung on someone at the most unforeseeable times. The best times for that to happen is to be yourself and act normal, because if you do anything differently, it shows some kind of phoniness that you might have to keep up that you weren't prepared to keep doing. I'm not saying don't dress nicely and make yourself appealing to a guy, but don't be something you think the guy wants you to be. That always backfires.

  • At your age, the best thing to do is gather the courage to go up to him and ask him out yourself... trust me... most guys that age aren't as scary as you may think... they are just starting to realize that girls are interested in them... You might be shy but trust me, you may be surprised by the results! Just wait till he is not surrounded by other people to ask him... Make it as casual as possible. "Hey, I have an extra ticket to go see this basketball game, thought you might like to join me since you like ball too." or "Hey, too bad it's raining outside today, may be a long weekend... Oh, but I noticed this movie just came out, it's action so most of my girlfriends aren't interested in seeing it, maybe you'd want to come?"... You can also do the whole double date thing "Hey, Katie and I want to go to the Carnival this weekend, you two should join us!" Let me know how it all goes! :)

  • Why not ask him out, be dominate.

    • I live in arkansas, boys here like to do the asking. It's weird for the girls to.

    • But I like your confidence. I might just try asking the guy sometime! :)

  • act normal.


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