Am I over reacting?

My boyfriend and I of 6 months have been doing great. We have known each other for 2 years. About a year ago he became interested in me and would favourite everything of mine of Twitter. We were so in sync with our feelings. Now he never favourites my posts and I have been away for work. I came home from work for a day off and he had planned to help his friend move. He knew it was my one day off with him. He is very distant and won't talk to me. Is the honeymoon over? Is my relationship at risk?


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  • The honeymoon phase only lasts the first few months, so yes it's over. But this is something else entirely. He's acting distant which is a red flag.

    He doesn't need to favorite every post of yours like he used to, but he could at least show some attention to it to let you know that you've been viewing it. Seems like you two need a heart to heart conversation and tell him to be honest with you.


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