I hate how my brain is like this, but how can I change before I lose this guy that I really care about?

I am the type of girl who you would never guess had bad luck with men. I have been cheated on, in an abusive relationship, short term relationships with losers, stood up, used, rebound, you name it, I have been through it. Now fast forward to my current life, most things have been going good. Unfortunately I have dated these past few months different guys and they never went anywhere. One guy said I was good enough to sleep with but that was it. Next guy said that he wasn't looking to date anyone because he hasn't dated in a long time, next guy said he isn't looking and the last guy had sweet talked me and told me that we had wanted the same things (relationships). I thought everything had gone fantastic since he said he had an amazing time and talked about future plans with me. As soon as I got home, the next day he never talked to me again, I recieved a message from him saying that he couldn't do this because he was still in love with his ex. I am smarter than that and did not believe it. It hurt but I moved on. This was a month ago. So now, I have met this guy and we have been talking for a few weeks, hitting it off very very well, but I can not get the picture that this is going to turn out like the last time out of my head. I know it is so very bad to classify all guys as the same, but I am so scared of getting hurt again. I unfortunately am the type of girl who is notorious for putting all of my eggs in one basket and hoping that it will work out along with having high expectations. How can I get over this? I really like this guy, and from what I can see, he really likes me as well. I would love if this was to work between him and I, but I know I need to get rid of these negative mental images. Help?


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  • Imagine what you want the guy to be as you day dream. Forget the past experiences... Can u do that? If you can, congratulations.


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