When you see their true colors. Should I stay or leave?

We've been dating close to 2 years now and he has told me many times how he wants to marry me. My spirit is telling me something different. In the beginning, dating him was not great because of his personality. When we would be around other people he would make tastless remarks or jokes about me or about my race, hint we are in a interracial relationship. I've threaten to leave him twice, but he would cry and plead for me to stay with him and I would always cave in because I would feel bad about it. He has improved and I have not had any issues with him lately being rude. Sometimes I would love him, the next not so much.

Now that he is dedicated in getting married and wanting to have a family with me in the future, I want to leave him due to uneasiness about how the future might be like. Maybe we're moving to fast? I fear that I will start to loathe him. Knowing what type of person I am, If I'm getting conflicted energy its not good. So what should I do? Leave him even though I sense some type of bad energy or just relax and stay committed to him?


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  • First you have to ask yourself has he shown enough improvement that this issue would go away and you don't have to keep repeating yourself... love your partner but don't forget to love yourself people tend to stay in a relationship because they are afraid of the conflict or inconvenience it would cause... don't let yourself fall into that cycle also don't wait too late to let him know how you feel.

    • I cannot tell you exactly what decision to make you have to come up with a decision yourself because you'll have to live with that decision

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  • He acted like a total idiot at the start and it shocks me u stayed with him for 2 years. Did u imagine your future husband to treat u bad and be the butt of his jokes around others making abusive comments about your race etc while u were growing up? Or did u imagine somebody that loved and respected u for who you are and treated u well and was proud to be seen with you, protecting u from racial abuse?
    Your answer to this should tell u all u need to know and u should find a guy that is everything your current partner is not. Good luck


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  • All the red flags are there... He's not worth it.

  • From the jump you felt his negative energy, you shouldn't even think a third time girl! Take your time before you make a big commitment.. But you already know what it might be like with him, he's already shown you his true colors. Honestly you just need to go with your gut feeling!


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