Do Asian women dislike or avoid Black men?

I am a black man. About 2 month ago I was asked out by an Asian woman. She is a very intelligent, interesting and attractive woman. The date went alright but the closer we got the more nervous she became. She began talking about that her father would never agree with her dating me (I never met him BTW). She also mentioned that there was a guy (from Vietnam) chasing her that she did not like that much. Her father knew him and did not like him either but had said to her “At least he is Asian”.

We have not seen or spoken each other again since. She won't take my calls or return my messages so I think it's best to give her the space she wants. But at the same time a female friend of hers swears she still likes me so the date could not have been that bad for her.

I later found out some stuff on the Internet about Asian & Black relations and I saw some shocking topics. Especially when I saw the phrase “Once you go black we'll never take you back” hit me hard. I myself cannot imagine like or disliking anybody based on their race.

I am not trying to get in contact with her again. I just would like to know if this is true for future reference.


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  • I don't think it's got anything to do with her not liking you, she obviously likes you. She asked you out right? so the feelings are there. I think that her family (dad in particular) and what his opinion is about racists are more important to her. It's just a traditional thing.

    I find this very Romeo and Juilet like by the way.

    • It is isn't it? Maybe I could approach a Hollywood studio to see if they could make a movie out of it.

      Thank you for your input.

    • I think they already made a movie about it LOL

      I'm Asian and I don't avoid black guys. I think you guys are cool as. You guys aren't bad like the media claims you to be. It's what I think anyways

    • Thank you for MH

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  • Let's be ridiculous here and talk about the entire race not wanting to date or even be approached by black man. I'm sure the chance of that not happening is about yay high percentage

  • yes. I'm not gonna go around the bush. it's YES.

  • its true!! you are out of luck

  • Just pull the sides of your eyes, scotch tape them down, boom Asian guy.


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