I want to see him again? advice?

We have mutual friends, but i ONLY see him when we go clubbing occasionally. He's been telling my friends he's interested. I'm also interested but I was waiting for him to make a move. My friends pushed him into making a first move cuz they knew i wouldn't. So he finally spoke to me a few nights ago. by the end of the night he was super caring, making sure i was ok and holding my hand. We said bye, he took out his phone but i think he got too shy to ask for my number. the next day my friend told me that my guy texted him that i was on his mind.
If i saw this guy all the time, i would definitely take initiative and talk to make things progress (i wouldn't be here asking for advice).
But our situation is that I never see him around town ever. and onlyyyyyyy when I go out with a large group of friends. and these nights happen randomly, so I really dont know when i'll actually see him next. I know he likes me and I really like him. I dont want this to be a one night flirt.
So what do you think I should do? get friends involved?


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  • Get his number, and start texting.

    You can figure out together when and where to start meeting, instead of waiting for your friends to go out again.


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  • No dont involve your friends or his friends. If you feel that he's being very shy to tell you about his feelings then it's not bad to tell him by yourself that you also like him. just tell him and he will open up slowly and also share his sweet feelings.
    and the one-night-flirt thing, i think that may be hard becauae you both won't get to see each other that much but when u go out with a large group of friends at nights then don't ever miss those nights, Go and spend it with him. exchange numbers and try to chat everyday with each other on social networking sites that will make u both to get to know each other more and more.


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