Does she like me? Does she want to date me?

I have met someone super amazing that makes my soul sing and just makes me come alive... truly an amazing woman... I am all smiles since meeting her. We are taking things slow as good things come to those who wait and are patient. I have met an amazing girl now but kind of confused... maybe you could give me some tips. So she signed up to be on my softball team, she caught my eye right away. So I said to her that I would like to get to know her better and that she was super nice. She said she wasn't ready to date now. We both wanted to get to know each other better and go from there. She knows I like her a lot and I can see in her eyes the same thing. So after my kids were in bed she came over and the first thing she said to me was "I am not ready to be a mother." I told her that they already have a mother and she would only meet my 2 kids after awhile of knowing her and knowing she is someone special in my life. I already know she is someone special in my life. I have never felt this way before about anyone. Not only do I feel alive I feel spiritually alive and she has turned my life completely around and never been so happy. I am always smiling even after I talk to her. I just feel like she has made me a completely better version of myself. She is one amazing woman. So she came over to my house at 10:30 one night and we went to the park and laid under the stars and talked til 2:30 in the morning. The next day she was to have her car fixed at 9am and would be there for 3 hours so I asked her if she wanted me to come get her and she said yes please. So we sat on the couch at my place and watched a couple of movies and we fell asleep with her on my stomach or nuzzled up to me more. I have also given her an hour back massage and run my fingers up and down her shoulders and she says she likes that. So I sent a long text to her saying what she knows already that I like her a lot and want to give "us" a serious chance. and to take her time to think abo

about it.

So she was going to Wyoming to see her sisters last Tuesday and she called me on her way there and we talked for a good hour when she was on the road. So then I didn't hear from her until Friday night as she called me (I tried to call her the night before). so we talked for a good hour that night and the she tried to call me in the middle of the day but my phone wasn't working or something. So then we are back to talking to each other each night and texting some during the day too.
I miss her like crazy its a really strong feeling that I can't explain I dont want to rush her on a decision but even hearing all of this everyone says it seems like you are dating already (talking under the stars, massage, holding her) and it is only a matter of time before we are together. So first off... do you think she wants to date me? I think... that she is just scared of the strong feelings that she has for me- hence her saying she doesn't want to be a mother yet.


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