Ideas for a b'day gift for the guy I've just started dating?

A week ago I met this amazing guy and next weekend I will be staying at his for the weekend (he lives 3 hours away from my place). It happens to be his birthday as well that weekend (he is turning 28), implying that (1) I will be meeting all of his friends and family right away and (2) I should buy a gift. However, I have only seen him for one night (pretty tipsy) and a few hours the day after, so I only know some basic hobbies, such as cooking and playing sports. I want to give him something personal but that doesn't scream "I am claiming you and I am desperate" either.. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  • Something edible.
    Something small.


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  • Go to Ace Hardware and get him something for the grill. They have lots of grill accessories that aren't to expensive.


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  • You said he is hobbie is sports , and cooking
    If he drives get him like a football keychain or something like that. I hoped I helped.


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