He always see you twice a week but never on Friday or Sat. Does that mean you are just a back up?

Had our first date on Sat, second date on Wed, third date on Sun, fourth date on Wed and planned 5th date on Sun.

So far he has been very respectful and also paid for all dates even I offered to contribute. He text me a lot during the day everyday. However text has been slowed down since 4th date. There's stil text in morning, lunch and night time.

This 5th date is at Sunday late afternoon and dinner. He has got committment at Sunday lunchtime and later at night.

I suppose if he wasn't keen he didn't have to ask me to catch up in between on Sunday. However I've heard that if a guy doesn't see you on Friday or Sat he probably has reserved this for other girls. I know this Friday he is going to watch movie wtih guy firneds. Not sure about his Sat though..


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  • Well... I don't think he's playing you. It sounds more like he doesn't know how to take things to the next level.

    • As in emotionally? Or physically?

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    • from the way he is acting now he is creating distance and I'm losing trust in him for sure

    • Thanks for MHO... hope he opens his eyes before he loses you!

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  • He seems keen to me, sounds like he is trying hard to make time for you.


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  • Pretty much any time dates keep falling on the same nights of the week even if they include one weekend night I assume there is probably at least one other person he is seeing. That said as long as he isn't lying about what he is doing it either just goes unmentioned or he tells me, I really don't care too much when we just start dating.

    Now after 5 or so dates of he can't make time for me on the weekends I don't care what the reason is be it friends or another girl. in my opinion of he liked me or had a growing attraction to me I'd be a priority over movies with the guys. Why do t you suggest something for next Saturday at the end of your date this Sunday? If he's too busy then maybe he just doesn't have time for a girlfriend.
    There may not be anyone else but he may just be too busy with his hobbies. If you are looking for a relationship and that isn't something he can give you then time to move on.

    • I see your points, he actually tried to find out if aI'm talking to other guys and I avoided his questions. cos I don't think it's his business unless he is asking to be mutually exclusive.

      I will ask for Sat next time and see what he says

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    • Plus by evading his question he may well have assumed that means you are so he's not going to get to invested and probably doesn't want to as you out on a Saturday only to find out you already made plans with someone else...

    • totally missed opportunity. He asked before we meet up in person. at that stage i felt like it was none of his business LOL lesson learn. if a guy ask if I'm seeing anyone else I will just throw the question back at him.

      He told me to add him on facebook twice and I never responded.. now he knows my facebook but he didn't add me. probably doesn't wnat to get rejected LOL...

  • You could ask him what he is doing Saturday.
    Maybe those are the only times he can take you. he seems to enjoy spending time with you. to me it doesn't seem he would be seeing other girls behind your back. I hope I helped.


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