Girls, girl I'm into is out of town and with friends this weekend. I was going to ask her on our second date yesterday, should I wait for Monday?

This is currently day 3 since our first date. I was going to ask her out yesterday, but she had stopped texting me. (I know that's a bad sign but she said she enjoyed the date afterwards, and during she kept mentioning places we should go in the future).
My thing is should I message her knowing damn well she's going to be busy this whole weekend, or do I wait to ask her Monday?
i didn't ask her earlier also because I was hoping to meet her in person this weekend for an event, but she was invited to this thing just yesterday.


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  • Ask her now. She might make other plans if you don't


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  • If you know she's busy then I wouldn't suggest asking her to do something but maybe rather just wish her a good weekend and tell her you hope to see her again soon.

    • Well I mean, not ask her out for the weekend but maybe arrange something down the line?

    • @Asker

      Yeah that's fine. I thought you meant ask her to do something the weekend when you know she's busy.

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