:/ So confused on what to do with this girl?

We are basicly bf/gf. Been talking for months, when we are together its amazing, but that barely happens because she is so busy. The problem is, our communication when we aren't together is horrid. It's purely text, and it's not very good either. She is so busy that we can't talk on the phone much, and I am not satisfied with this. We have spoken about this 3 times with little imporvement. I don't know what to do, cause when we are together everything is wonderful, but when we aren't it sucks. I also initiate almost all of the texts, which I hate. This has been going on for 3 months now and I don't know what to do, I either make her my girlfriend or call it quits and I am split..

Like, would things get better if we were officially committed to each other? Or is that wishful thinking?
She has been in many relationships in the past, leaving her very broken and hurt. Which is how I am justifying a lot of her actions..


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  • I know you probably want to be with her very badly but try qualifying her to see if this is a girl that you want to be with you said she's busy all the time why don't you find a busier schedule as well you probably already have one maybe not as hectic as hers but try to find more things to fill out your time if you both are busy and haven't spoken to each other or seen each other in a while if she really is interested in you she will miss you and contact you if she doesn't contact you then you maybe need to move on as she might not be so interested I can say when you do spend time with her make sure she feels like it's the best time she ever had like a kid and she will put you at the top of her priorities


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