I met up with him, it was great and then weird?

So there's this guy i met a couple weeks ago, we decided to hang out. Everything was great, we had a click, we had fun and then all of the sudden he wanted to get in my pants and i was like wow wtf. Like i don't want this yet, then it got awkward but still kissed me. And then i went home but he did also still give me kisses. What should i think, ruined or not?


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  • no no no, there's the old saying no harm in trying. If he's still showing affection towards you then there's no problem. Guys like sex, i though he could get some, but he's going to have to work a little harder for isn't he ;)

    • *for you isn't he

    • Uhm yes indeed, 😂

    • People like to think guys just want sex, and its partly true. Guys dont just want sex, but we'll take it when we can get lol

  • seams like he want's you just for sex.


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