Haven't heard from boyfriend in 3 days? Unusual?

Let me just say my last relationship was 3 years and I might be naive to the way guys act now.

I've been talking to a guy for over a month. He texts me things like "Good morning beautiful :)" every day. He has a job where he works long, late hours and very rarely has a day off. We have hung out a lot and he always seemed like an actual gentleman and a ton of fun. He asked me if I wanted to be "exclusive" with him 2 weeks ago and I said yes.

But then things got confusing. We were supposed to hang out on Sunday, didn't happen. We were supposed to hang out on Monday, didn't happen and he felt bad. He said he would "make it up to me" on Tuesday but had to go to a family dinner first and would let me know when he was heading over for our date.

But then it came to be almost 10pm so I asked when he was coming over. No reply. I didn't hear from him on Wednesday at all which has never happened and we talk every day, especially if he flaked he would've said sorry. Didn't hear from him on Thursday either so I texted him asking what was up. No reply. Today is day 3 of not hearing from him and I'm genuinely confused and worried. I don't have him on any social media sites because I don't use them much. What do I do? I've thought of calling his phone to see if it's on but don't want to seem creepy. Everything seemed totally great up until now so it's really getting to me.

Should I try contacting him again? Or wait some more? Is this normal? Any advice?


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  • The man asked for exclusivity?

    No wonder you are having problems. Desperation and then he suddenly had what he wanted and therefore has backed away due to it being too easy and him being a complete non-masculine male.


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  • its not normal


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