Girls, So I think this girls falling for me, but I just started dating another girl, how do I tell her this without hurting her?

She seemed sweet and yeah I talked to her a bit, but I was getting mixed signals from the girl I'm into, only for her to come out and confess it was cuz she was shy. I know it's not technically wrong to date more then one person, but I dontbwantbtp give anyone false hopes when I know what my decision is...
But this other gurl has talked about being betrayed and stuff, and I think she really thinks I'm into her...
i don't want anyone hurt on my behalf... But I don't know how to tell her.


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  • She'll end up hurt no matter what. End it sooner rather than later. So I'd just be honest if I were you. She might get pissed (so brace yourself for a slap lol) but yeah just be straight with her.

    • I honestly haven't even dated the one girl, she just seems strangely into me...

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  • I admire you for wanting to be honest.

    You could maybe bring it up casually since girl #1 hasn't actually confessed yet and you are still "friends. " Something like "So I'm thinking of asking Betsy out, what do you think of asking her on a day date to the zoo?"

  • Has she said she likes you directly or is it just signals you are getting from
    Her? either way please let her know that you have moved on.. let her down gently

    • Signals... But they're pretty hard, signals... I know, I just don't know how to say it... I really don't want anyone hurt

  • Just be honest with her.

  • dont tell her.

    • Well I can't have her falling for me and me going Silent will hurt her more I figure.