Girls, would you date me?

So as the title states, I am a 28 year old man living in the bay area (Silicon Valley) I have been here for a little over 3 years, I work in IT, I have not been to college and have no plans to do so (namely because my career doesn't really need a college degree and college is expensive). I originate from Texas and was born and raised there. I an not very well traveled only been to 5 states, never left the US but not against it. I am a nerd, I am into Sci-Fi, Technology, Anime, Music, Movies, Science, Art, some Video Gaming. I am intelligent and like to have intelligent conversations, I consider myself to be a gentleman and can be sweet when the moments right for it. I make about 40k a year right now (if that's relevant to you) I am not much into partying or drinking heavily but a drink now and then is nice with a small group of people. That's basically a quick summary of myself. If you wouldn't date me please explain below, it would greatly be appreciated. Also here's some photos of me:
Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?

Girls, would you date me?
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  • I voted no, but that's because I want a guy that is well travelled, has a solid education, enjoys going out with a bunch of people, is into sports and loves the outdoors. As you can see you don't really tick any one of those boxes, but that only means you are not my type, but there are so many different types of girls out there. Your plusses are definitely the fact you are intelligent and that you sound like a sweet, kind and caring guy. In terms of physical appearance, I'd recommend growing your hair, then you'll become more attractive ;)

    • I appreciate your feedback, and you are right, i do not fit into your wants in a man, and that's fine. Unfortunately for me it seems the vast majority of girls want exactly what you want so that makes it hard on me, this has been my experience. As far as the hair, it won't grow because i am balding it looks far worse if i grow it out, i used to have long shaggy hair back in high school which i miss dearly, dam genetics.

    • Well I happen to work at an IT company myself (just an intern), and the lads over there also have issues attracting girls, but fact is, they are out there. Arguably not the prettiest and hottest girls, but definitely the sweetest. I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you, as you just gotta be lucky enough you'll run into the right girl at the right moment.

    • I wouldn't want to be with a drop dead gorgeous girl anyways, they are to much maintenance/trouble, and rarely that intelligent, an average/cute girl with a awesome personality would be fine with me.

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  • I voted no, only because my type of guy is a guy who I can do things I also enjoy with. I like working on cars, and fixing up houses, I like cooking, playing the guitar, I do go out and drink. I play video games every now and then, but I get bored with them. I never have been able to connect well with nerds, or computer centered personalities.


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