Ever tried to balance going to 2 bars that were very different?

you know go to one say Friday and other Saturday or whatever , but there somewhat different crowds at each and the 2 bars don't necessary like each other. but you sort of find a way to balance things. i feel like i'm doing that at the moment and trying to go to some places that are different well maintaining a connection with more regular hang outs i have been to. i don't want to entirely give up on one place to go to another as i might want to go back to other. i'm just not sure how this will all work out or if its just too much to balance and i need to choose one over the other


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  • just b neutral then and don't blend wid each bar's crowd.
    also avoid being friends wid any among regulars there, and bring a friend of urs along, so u won't pass as "weird"


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